National President

National President - Shri Mukesh sahani

Mukesh Sahani was born on March 31, 1981 in a poor fisherman family in Supaul, a small village in Bihar. From childhood, he looked very close to the backwardness of his society. In the year of 1999, there was a big change in Sahani's life. 

At the early age of his life,  due to poverty and dull education system in the state, he was forced to give up his study and left for Mumbai for his livelihood and to support and improve the condition of his family. It was like a severe storm to settle in the new city Mumbai for him. He continued wandering in search of work. But there was a belief in his mind to do something better for his livelihood.

His main aim was to add Nishad community in the mainsteam. Today, not only Bihar, but the Nishad community of the country is moving forward with hm step by step. With the initiative of Mukesh ji, the task of preparing the necessary ethnographic report to get reservation for Nishad society in Bihar is in the final stage today. At the end of 2017, Mukesh ji declared that if the government does not give reservation to the Nishad society till the half of 2018, then he will form his party. By making their own party, Nishad will capture the society in power.